Friday, November 8, 2013

Letters to Dustin in Kansas: Day 2

Dear Dustin,

I know I said we were just going to stay at home yesterday, but it was a beautiful day so we went to play group. We haven't been in months! And everyone was surprised to see us there.

Robert played really well using his un-casted hand. He was even climbing on the "spider web" and grabbing with both hands. Aside from Bryce accidentally stepping on his hand, it was good therapy for him.

His finger already looks so much better than it did right after. All of the dried and scabbed up part has fallen off. Only the nail remains, and I think it may be off before you get back.

He has taken three long baths and is loving playing in the water.

His cough sounds wetter, if that makes sense. But I think it is progressing positively.

I didn't take him to school today either. After I got a little decongestant in him, he probably would have been fine. But, I just didn't. I dunno. We just hung out.

I ended up having to go to the store yesterday. Nicole needed me to sign some checks. Robert was so worn out from playing that he fell asleep on my lap at the desk.
It was really good for him (and me) to get out and see some friends.

Yoni invited us to their house for dinner last night. She made chalupas/tostados from a leftover pork roast and it was REALLY good. She gave me some to take home and I had that for lunch. We had leftover P.F. Changs for dinner.

Last night about an hour after Robert had been asleep, he woke up crying so I brought him in to sleep with me. He was really cute this morning. In the early morning he pulled the blanket up on me and then got my extra eye mask and put it on. He whispered that it was still sleeping time and cuddled up next to me.

Because we went to play group, work and Yoni's, I didn't get as much done at home as I had planned yesterday. So there were mountains of clothes to wash, iron, sort and pack up today. Robert has had a recent growth spurt and more clothes than I realized are too short for him.

I'm still feeling tired/worn down/like I'm getting sick, but some down time has been good. And, I've been able to clear some space off of the DVR.

Nothing else really to report.

Looking forward to having you back tomorrow. We've missed you.

Much love,

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Letters to Dustin in Kansas: Day 1

Dear Dustin,

Emily writes Dave love letters almost every time he goes out of town. (She got the idea from someone else; I don't remember just who right now.) After reading hers I somehow started writing you one too in my head, even though I haven't written anything in ages. She told Dave not to get shot. Can you help him so you can all come home safely from hunting?

Similarly, Emily and I also both went, separately, to Albuquerque yesterday for appointments. Robert’s went okay.  He got his cast off and was acting emotional and like his finger was hurting afterwards, although no one touched it at all and I think he was mostly just scared it was going to hurt. He wouldn’t let them put a band aid on it. Like the picture I sent you, it looks gross: black, dried out, mangled and about to fall off.  I was worried he would snag it on stuff and I wanted him to at least put a band aid on it.  I knew my stash of Cars band aids would tempt him, but he still thought it would hurt.  He ended up with one “sticker/band aid” on each hand.  “It’s just like a sticker,” he said. “It not hurt.”

He has no restrictions and we are supposed to help him use his finger as much as possible to help with range of motion. His skin is dried out and flaking off.  It’s kind of gross. I really want to pick off all the skin like it’s a sunburn to peal. I’ve never had a cast and was a kind of surprised at how it looked underneath.  His arm looks too small for his hand, even though that is already much smaller than his un-injured one.  His left middle finger is about the same length as his pointer and ring finger.  The tip of his finger is still much wider and with the scabs it looks like someone sewed a chicharone to the end of it.  I told him you said not to eat it. He stared down at it and said he wouldn’t, but in a concerned way like maybe he thought we would  make him eat it at some point.

Afterwards, we agreed that Chinese food and rice would make both of us “happy.” So, we went to P.F. Changs for a late lunch/early dinner.  I had a gift card. And, when I told him we could get dessert, he hugged me and said “Thanks, mom. That makes me happy.”

I had already picked up my ring from the jewelers.  It still doesn’t look right, but they said it’s as good as they can fix it without cutting out the bezel and redoing that part from scratch. $$$$!!

I also stopped by Church Distribution. They had a miniature Preach My Gospel that is really nice.  

I couldn’t find the car charger for the iPod and the battery was almost dead since Robert was on his 4thtime watching Wreck it Ralph. When I picked up sinus medicine for him at Walgreens, the chargers were stupid expensive for being an older version. At Ross, I found a cheap replacement charger and also scored some Sharper Image closeout products at great prices.  I wish they had had a sleep machine like the one we bought there years ago. I think that one is dying.  But, I did get at least one thing that’s (sort of) for you, and I didn’t spend a bunch of money like I already know you are concerned about.  

You weren’t at home waiting for us, so I probably slow-poked around more than usual. But it was a nice slower-paced day trip.

He’s still got a cough. Even though the doctor said he’s not contagious or anything, I’m thinking that along with his finger I’ll keep him home from pre-school today.

I’m not going into work today. Instead, I’ll be finishing up the ironing and packing away more of Robert’s clothes to give to Sarah for James. He’s already wearing the size Robert just grew out of. I have some winter clothes I know Sarah will need right away. And I have those too-big clothes I got at the yard sale that I need to put together for her.  It will be a low-key day. It’s cold and Robert and I will probably cuddle up in blankets and watch some shows while I sort clothes. We’ll be having leftover P.F.Changs for dinner.

Be safe and hopefully, no one, including Dave will get shot or otherwise harmed.
I will remember to look up recipes for pheasant. So shoot a lot, but let the others get some as well. :)

We love and miss you.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Questions from the last month

Meeting Grandma Char for the first time at the airport 
Aren't I the cutest grandson in the world?

Can I look at it?

Do I have to leave? I just met grandma Char.

Bath Time
Hello? Can you hear me now?

How far down is it?

Is it secure?

Can I climb up this?

I've never played on one of these before. Isn't it cool?

Mom, what is this?

Cold day inside with his hat on
 What do overalls taste like?

Does this hat flatter my face?